Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance
The Capital Hill Group (CHG)

WPC Inc. and The Capital Hill Group formed a strategic alliance for the specific purpose of providing our clients with national government relations services.

The Capital Hill Group is a privately owned government relations company with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. We specialize in building constructive, mutually beneficial partnerships between business and government. With over two decades of experience, The Capital Hill Group continues to play a vital role in many organizations’ efforts to be seen and heard by key bureaucratic and political decision-makers at the federal, provincial and municipal levels in central and eastern Canada.

The Capital Hill Group was established in 1985 in response to the need for facilitated communication between government decision-makers and the business community. Since opening its first office in Ottawa, The Capital Hill Group has expanded to deliver government relations services in Toronto and Montreal, and has consistently provided value to clients through numerous changes of government. By combining the experience of our team with our network of contacts throughout the country, The Capital Hill Group has been able to provide national and international clients with in-depth analysis, strategic advice and access to key federal, provincial and municipal government decision-makers.

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