About WPC

About WPC
Government/Policy/Management Consulting Advice That Achieves Results

WPC is one of Canada’s largest, longest operating public policy, government relations and management consulting firms assisting organizations across Canada and internationally. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation for achieving successful, lasting results for our clients.

Our success is distinguished in the competitive marketplace by three key strengths—the strength of our team and senior calibre of our partners and associates, our ability to serve clients throughout Canada, and the depth of our experience in the high technology, transportation, natural resources, Asia-Pacific business and government sectors.

Since 1986, the partners of WPC have been working successfully with the most senior levels of government and private sector stakeholders, effectively advancing the interests and proposals of our clients.

WPC consultants have held high-ranking positions in the corporate and public sectors and brings to the company specialized and interrelated expertise in government relations, public relations, management consulting, corporate communications and issues management.

The company has a team of partners and associates based in Vancouver and Victoria and has a strategic alliance with The Capital Hill Group that has offices in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

WPC works hard to strengthen the relationship and image of our clients with key government and private sector audiences by effectively identifying and communicating the right message to the right people at the right time.

We understand from personal experience how the private and public sectors work, and our experience often saves our clients time and money.